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G-TRACK-Live Glider Competitions Tracking (Help & Info)

Live Tracking

Click on the table headers to sort by Name, ID, Altitude etc..

Click on a row in the table to center on the Glider

Click the checkbox next to the pilot name to follow the Glider

Alt indicates the altitude QNH of glider in Feet

Sp indicates the glider speed in Kts

Var indicates the rate of climb in Kts

Dist indicates the task distance in Km since exiting the start sector

Tsp indicates the task speed in Km/h since exiting the start sector

B% indicates Tracker Battery charge remaining

Fix indicates the time of the last received Fix for the Glider

Click on [-] in the top right of the Glider table to minimise the table

Click on a glider callsign to display more details, click again to close it

Callsign of Gliders on the ground will be Grey

Callsign of Gliders 2000ft below the startpoint will be Red

Callsign of Gliders 2000ft above the startpoint will be Yellow


Replay mode automatically starts when the event is finished

Use the Refresh and Step sliders to adjust the replay speed

Use the Position slider to move forward/backwards (Distance and Task Speed will become invalid)

When using steps larger than 5 sec, Task Distance and Speed may miss turnpoints

Refresh rates below 1000 ms may not work on slow computers or slow connections

Display and Scale

On high resolution screens the gliders list may appear small while in low resolution screen it may appear very large. To adjust the size of the gliders list adjust the zoom in your browser first and then adjust the zoom of the map

To display in full screen, press F11 key

Coverage and updates

During flight the trackers update every 5 seconds

If the tracker stops to move the updates are sent every 60 seconds

The trackers use the Telstra 3G network to send the updates, empirical results show that at the altitudes we fly, over 95% of the usual tasking areas is covered

If the trackers can't transmit the coordinates, the fixes are buffered and sent when comms are re-established

Project Information

The aim of G-Track-Live is to promote Gliding in Australia by engaging with pilots that can't participate in the event, crew on the ground, families and friends as well as the general public.

The G-Track-Live solution and WEB site are made, operated and and supported by volunteers, equipment, hosting and comms costs are covered by the GFA.

48 Trackers and G-Track-Live web site are available to track any event in Australia free of charge, contact me at the address below if you wish to track an event

If you wish to support this project by advertising your logo on the left side of the screen, contact me at the address below.

Known Issues

During replay at fast speed, packets may arrive out of order resulting in glider jumping back and forth.

Report issues and suggestion at